Types of lockers

Modular terminal




Modular version combined for indoor & outdoor



  • Ease of integration
    Our vision was to create a reliable solution that can easily be integrated with external parties. We integrate InPost network with the Clients’ IT systems. The system serves or cooperates with several hundred organisations.
  • Endurance
    Hardware of the terminal allows operations in severe weather conditions from -50C to and snow to +50C tested in the sands of Middle East.
  • Flexibility
    Modular construction of a terminal enables easy upgrades of hardware components of the central unit. Future methods of payments or identification can be incorporated into the system.
  • Various sizes
    Modular construction of the body of terminal enables configuration of machines in various sizes and with different numbers of lockers suitable for both indoor and outdoor locations.
Lockers Locker size
XS 60 x 300 x 300 mm
S 80 x 380 x 640 mm
M 190 x 380 x 640 mm
L 410 x 380 x 640 mm

Single locker module:

Width: 565 mm
Height: 2221-2300 mm
Depth: 942 mm
Weight: ~200 kg

The letter module contains 36 lockers for letters

Our references

Why we have chosen InPost terminals? Because InPost knows the postal business well and not only do they help to service them and help their partners maximize their usage. Javier Smith
Project manager of the terminal network in Chile
Correos Chile
“We have chosen InPost to provide Saudi Post with easyPack terminals because of the strong technical background that the company has built up with the practical experience. InPost is merging both technical background and postal background in the same entity. We were also impressed by the continuous market researches and marketing activities undertaken to get the customers to use the solution.”
Source: What do Saudi Arabia and Poland have in common?Saudi Post
Eesti Post
I would recommended the InPost solution for any parcel delivery company or post company.
The experience that we’ve got from InPost in Poland is very valuable for sanding up such a project.Ansi Arumeel
Eesti Post, Head of Logistics Division