What do Saudi Arabia and Poland have in common? 10/11/2011

easyPack by InPost – the revolutionary postal and courier solution, go beyond another limits. Soon, the Saudi Arabians will discover the benefits of the non-stop  service enables them to send and collect parcels. It can be possible due to the agreement signed between InPost and Saudi Post. The first devices will be assembled in Saudi Arabia in 2011. That is a great information not only for the individual clients but also for the local companies operating in an e-commerce sector.

We have chosen InPost to provide Saudi Post with easyPack terminals because of the strong technical background that the company has built up with the practical experience. InPost is merging both technical background and postal background in the same entity. We were also impressed by the continuous market researches and marketing activities undertaken to get the customers to use the solution.”   said dr Mohammed Benten, CEO of Saudi Post, as the reasons to choose InPost’s solution.

InPost started its international expansion 7 months ago, and already contracted the solution to a number of foreign markets. The first agreement was signed with Eesti Post and afterwards the next contracts were signed Russia, Spain and Cyprus. Saudi Arabia is the another area to introduce easyPack devices.

InPost key to success is the effectiveness of the easyPack service,  confirmed by the excellent results. There is no more failed delivery when using the service. Furthermore, over 51% of parcels is collected in the first 6 hours after placing them in the easyPack device. More than one third of the clients collect their parcels between 6.00 pm – 8.00 am.


The local post offices and courier companies try to expand their offer with a dedicated e-commerce services. Easypack by InPost is an excellent reply for such demands. A possibility to collect and send parcels 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is the solution, which soon be available in Saudi Arabia. Thanks to easyPacks, not only the e-stores but also the e-buyers will be able to send and collect parcels without any problems. The interest in such an innovative solution dedicated (although not exclusively) to e-commerce is huge. The rate of return on investment  is assumed to be 26 months, as far as these devices are concerned”, emphasizes Rafał Brzoska, InPost CEO.

The company presages in the next three years the service will be available throughout Europe.